And Now It’s June

Just a quick update here.  I’ve been busy but work is moving slowly.  I sourced a crankshaft for our motor and have the motor mostly reassembled.  I’ve been trying to decide how far I can put it together on shore and still get it into place on board the boat.  I’m approaching that limit as I put the head back on yesterday.  Or more likely I have slightly exceeded that limit but am going to deal with it anyway. 

One of the goals while having the motor out is to get a good paint job on it.  This is proving to be a bit trickier than I had anticipated as if everything is bolted on there is a lot that can’t be reached with a rattle can.  Painting it before everything is bolted on requires a certain amount of messing around so that paint doesn’t end up were you don’t want it.  I’ve chosen white.  Ask me in a few years whether or not that was wise.  But I wanted something bright that would make the engine space (in the bilge) less dark.  It isn’t a decor issue.  It’s a matter of being able to see what I’m working on.

All the usual spring chores on the boat are sort of in limbo.  We have about twenty hours of daylight this time of year and we have been experiencing good weather, but these days I’m only good for a fraction of the available light.  Between drinking coffee in the morning and drinking wine in the evening there is a fairly small part of the day for actually getting any work done!  I spent most of the day today replacing the studs for the exhaust manifold.  Of course they were buggered up and frozen into the head.  One of the four came out without breaking.  So some of the typical fooling around.

I still need to decide if I am remodeling the engine space with a drip pan before I put the engine back in.  I do still need to build a new hatch for the forward deck.  

Meanwhile we are enjoying the summer weather!