Changes and Updates, 07.03.19

Ever wonder why the U.S. lists the month first in numerical date format?  But then we haven’t gone metric either despite our monetary system being based on it.  Regardless, I’m going to use the more globally recognized day, month, year format.  We’ll see how long it takes to screw it up.

There is not a lot to report here right now.  It’s just time to get back to writing after taking some time off to recuperate from the initial push to get the web site published.  I did manage to work my way into a few corners but I guess the overall format works well enough.  I’ve not gotten much feedback, so it is entirely possible that it is incomprehensible and therefore no one has managed to navigate it.  In which case this entry will not be read either!

I have recently been in contact with Erika Grundmann regarding her web site   I came across this site while doing research regarding the history of the Trans-Tasman race.  It is a wonderful web site with a terrific story to tell.  I urge all persons, interested in vintage yachts or not to visit for a look around.  Erika was kind enough to point out a few editorial errors in my effort, specifically that I listed the wrong destination for the 1934 Trans-Tasman Race.  That entry has been corrected to reflect the correct route of Auckland to Melbourne.  

I’m sure there are other mistakes.  If you run across them please do let me know.

I’ve found some photos of the finished mast prior to stepping it in the spring of 1998.  I am working on that entry which will go into the restoration section once I am done editing it.  It will be found under “The Mast, part two“.  (All the clever names were taken.)

It’s a beautiful day here in Tee Harbor.  Bright sun and about 33 degrees.  We’ve had a run of nice weather (we are officially having a drought) and I’ve been getting some work done on the boat.  Mostly overdue maintenance items.  A new bilge switch, checking over all the cooling and fuel plumbing on the engine and refreshing it as needed, and a thorough cleaning of the engine and the bilge.  It’s good therapeutic work.  I’m heading off today to cut the forward hatch from the deck and seal that opening up with a piece of plywood.  That hatch has needed some attention for along time.  It makes sense to just take it off and decide whether or not it can be rehabilitated or whether I need to build a new one.  It is supposed to start snowing and/or raining by Saturday so I want the hole sealed from the weather.   It won’t get done by sitting here!  Have a good day.  More later.