The love affair hasn’t ended but the time has come to let Leda move on to a new adventure.  Contact me via email at and we can discuss how Leda may become part of your adventure.

We are asking a modest 25,000 USD.    Feel free to insult us with any offers, some days it would be easier to buy this boat than others.  If you don’t understand that, then I will assume you have never owned a boat!

Leda is powered by a Perkins 4.107 diesel engine.  Her sail inventory consists of mainsail, roller furling Genoa on a Schaefer roller furler, a hank on staysail, a symmetrical spinnaker and our beautiful asymmetrical cruising spinnaker. 

Below she can accommodate as  many as six but sleeps four comfortably.  There is 71.5″ of head room in the galley and salon.  Her bunks are all at least 75.5 ” in length.  Her galley is equipped with a propane three burner stove with oven and a refrigerator/freezer in an ice box.  Heat is supplied by a Dickinson wall mount heater with a dedicated 18-gallon tank.  Her electronics are sparse and basic, being a depth sounder and a VHF radio.  We carry out navigation with handheld devices aided by a laptop computer and good old paper charts.   Her toilet has been converted to a composting toilet, so there is no holding tank or associated plumbing.  She carries 100-gallons of fresh water and 50 gallons of fuel.   

She is equipped with 800-amp hours of AGM batteries in two banks and an AGM starting battery.  Charging is supplied by 300 watts of solar panels or the motor driven alternator.  There is a 1000-watt inverter/battery charger.  Her anchor gear consists of a 35-pound CQR with 200 feet of chain, handled by an Ideal BHW vertical windlass.

If you read through this web site you will discover details about the boat.  I’m more than happy to talk at length about any and all of it.  I can arrange a virtual tour via Face Time or other video conferencing software.  Additionally, we have a lot of bits and pieces and memorabilia that will go with the boat.

I realize that  our boat being in Alaska creates some logistical issues for those who don’t live in Southeast Alaska.  Delivery to the Puget Sound area is fairly straight forward.  Shipping from Tacoma to most world destinations via freighter is available. 

Oh, did I mention she is wonderful to sail!   We completed a 600 mile cruise this past July.  The boat is ready to go but that doesn’t mean there are not projects continually underway.  

The photos below were taken during the first week of September, 2020.  If you scroll down you will find a video tour of the boat.

Leda getting new bottom paint, June 2020

We are pretty traditional.  Yes, I beach my boat to paint the bottom.  No, I don’t let her lay on the rocks!  I use a large foam billet, like the ones used for flotation in docks tied at the turn of the bilge to give her a big pillow to lay on.