Gone Sailing

Leda was sailed and raced actively after her launch.   There were stories told and adventures had.  I know that soon after her launching that she was moved to Tauranga.  The need for the house in Auckland apparently done.  However it only now occurs to me that Sandy was still working at the Auckland Star and in fact may have commuted to Tauranga to take part in activities on the boat.  It is surprising the things you never think to talk to people about until after they are gone.

There was a narrow escape from disaster on the trip from Auckland to Tauranga that is told by both Sandy Wilson in the book Leda and by Jim Young in is memoir.   I know trips were made to Mayor Island and that races were entered and many of them won.  Leda and her crew built a reputation.  But for dates of exact events I have very little information. 

I’ve decided instead to use this section for some of the wonderful photos that emerged from this period.

I did manage to find this small article regarding the White Island Race, the publisher or year of publishing are unknown.

At some time in my distant past, I was sharing these photos with a friend while telling Leda stories.  I commented that I hoped the brothers felt all the work was worth it.  My friend picked up the photo below and said, “Are you kidding?  Just look at these guys!”

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