Other Reading

Leda has appeared in a number of books over the years.  Below is a list of publications of which we are aware:

  • Leda, by W.A. Wilson.  Published in book form in 1966.  This book was originally published as part of the School Journal by the Department of Education and was apparently standard reading for school children in New Zealand.  Written by Sandy Wilson, it tells the story of the building of Leda, her launching, a narrowly escaped misadventure, and culminates with the 1951 Trans-Tasman Race.
  • The Glory of Sail, by Ronald Carter and Max Frommherz.  “A pictorial study of Auckland yachts” fist published in 1954.  Leda is featured on pages 28 and 29.
  • Century of Sail, by Noel Holmes.  “Official history of the Royal N.Z. Yacht Squadron” first published in 1971.  Leda and the story of the Trans-Tasman Race are featured on pages 102 and 103.
  • Sailing Away, by Jan Iorns.  “New Zealand women in sailing, 1920-1990” first published in 1991.  Kit and Erica Wilson are featured in the section “Women Go Offshore”.
  • The Leda Enchantment, by Bryan Reid.  Originally published in edited serial format in the Classic Yacht Association of Australia’s quarterly magazine as a four part series, this was later released as an e-book in 2012.
  • Jim Young, Designer, Boatbuilder, Sailor, by Jim Young,  Published 2015.  Jim Young recounts his memories of Leda with various stories from inception and her early days.