Leda’s Construction – Stats and Specifications

Dimensions and Scantlings:

  • LOA:  53′- 10″  
  • LWL:  35′  *
  • Beam:  11′- 2″ 
  • Draught:  7′-6″  *
  • Displacement:  29,000 pounds  
  • Ballast (external lead): 6 tons (designed), 13,000 lbs. (as built) *
  • Height of mast: 70′ (heel to truck) **
  • Hull thickness: 1.5-inches (in two layers, 1/2″ diagonal, 1′ longitudinal)
  • Keel Timber (main): 19′ X 13″ (Estimated)
  • Frames:    2 X 2-inches on 14″ centers
  • Stringers: 3.5 X 2-inches
  • Clamp:  3 X 7-inches
  • Shelf:  5 X 2-inches
  • Carlin: 3.5 X 2-inches
  • Deck Beams: 3 X 3-inches
  • Decking: 1.5-inches (in two layers, 1/2″ diagonal and 1″ longitudinal)
  • Coamings: 1.5-inches
  • Coach Roof: 1-inch (3/4″ planking over ply)


  • All major timbers:  Kauri
  • Hull planking:  Kauri
  • Deck planking:  Kauri
  • Frames:  Mangeao
  • Knees:  Pohutakawa
  • Hull Fasteners:  Copper and Bronze
  • Keel Bolts:  Aluminum Bronze
  • Deck Fasteners:  Galvanized square-shank nails, Copper rivets.
  • Mast:  Spruce
  • Spreaders:  Galvanized Steel

*It has been reported that Leda’s lead ballast was made oversized, by how much is not certain.  I have always quoted it at 14,000 pounds but of course its never been weighed.  (New information regarding this number has been added in the section How Much Does It Weigh.)  This would affect the length of her waterline and her draught.  These later two are also difficult to measure with any accuracy.  I’ve always quoted her depth as 8-feet and have never doubted that when I’ve had her out on the hard.  I suspect at some time that I have put a tape measure to her waterline and the event did not alter my perception, but frankly I do not recall the exact incident nor does her bottom paint stop at the floating waterline.  Six inches of depth would change her waterline length considerably.  However, it should also be noted that when hauled without her mast, the travel lift recorded her weight at 28.000 pounds, which does not provide evidence of extra weight in her ballast.  As of this writing I have made a determination that some effort should be put into clarifying her LWL and depth of keel!

**As reported elsewhere, her mast has been shortened to 61-feet.

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