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Here you will find posts where I talk about things that are only tangentially connected to Leda.  Which in my universe is everything.  I’ve added the blog here as well (March 7, 2019) as it seems the best way to make further entries to the site or alert readers to any changes to the content here.  Scroll down to find the blog entries.  The most recent will be on top.  You may also visit the site map by hovering over the Ditty Bag heading in the main menu.  All posts of any kind are listed there with direct links.

The above photo is a panoramic view of one of our favorite anchorages.  It can better be viewed by clicking here.


  • The good news with these boats is that you can build whatever you need.  The bad news is, when you need it, you have to build it!  – Russ Senkovich
  • The command is “hard about” not “hard aground”! – Bruce Baker
  • I see a red light, and a green light and a white light in the middle.  – Jerry Voss
  • A problem is just an opportunity to be clever.  – Russ Senkovich
  • You can’t afford to buy the kind of work you will do for yourself. – Peter Reece, KZ Boatbuilding
  • I so envy you for having a project. – Dooley Wilson
  • The years have gone by so fast.  I wonder how I ever managed to get so much done! – Russ Senkovich
  • All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. – Baruch Spinoza
  • A man could easily spend his whole life working on his boat without ever getting out on the water.  The object of the exercise is to “GO SAILING”. – Dooley Wilson

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