Blood, Sweat & Beers – Leda’s Restoration

If we knew what the journey held before we started, we might not start at all.  Working on wooden boats is hard and dirty work.  Satisfying, but hard and dirty.  Because we want to protect our boats from the things in nature that degrade them, we use poisons and potions in great quantities.  Anyone who sees a wooden boat as being part of nature hasn’t worked on one.  

From September of 1991 to July of 1998, Leda was stripped down and refreshed if not restored.  Here you will find information specifically about the work that was done to Leda for which I might be blamed.  The work of course didn’t cease at the moment we hoisted sails.  There have been a number of projects in the years since.  If they are of interest or noteworthy  they are likely to be detailed in the Ditty Bag section of this site if they don’t fit here.

Hard and dirty, sure.  Satisfying?  You bet!

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